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About Us

The Toronto Tsunamis is a competitive masters synchronized swimming club in the Toronto region. We currently meet for two hours each Friday evening at York Mills Collegiate, on York Mills Road between Leslie Street and Bayview Avenue and accessible by TTC. Practices are conducted under the care of NCCP certified coaches, and we are affiliated with Synchro Ontario as well as Synchro Canada. The motto of masters synchro swim as per Synchro Canada is “Fun, Friendship & Fitness” and we strive to live by this motto. Please contact us for more details!

About Our Club Name

Tsunami :(t)su-'nä-mE, noun
Etymology: Japanese, from tsu harbor + nami wave: a great sea wave produced by submarine earth movement or volcanic eruption : tidal wave

When we created the club we tried to come up with a name that sounded good and went with Toronto. We decided on the Toronto Tsunamis because it had a nice ring to it and because it was a bit of a joke. The joke was that some of us had gained weight since our competitive years and thus created tsunami size waves upon entering the water.

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